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Held at our San Diego or San Ramon Headquarters
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This 2-day course is offered 6 times/year
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Turn your manager into an elite practice operator

Our office manager course gives you the tools to create a very motivated environment for your office manager and your team. While most office managers are severely overwhelmed, this course arms them with simplified systems and tools to bring your practice to the next level without the stress. 

This course will elevate your manager from feeling unsupported to feeling empowered and ready to take control of the office. Eliminate the feelings of overwhelm and watch your practice run more efficiently immediately. Your managers will receive an extensive how-to manual of systems that can be implemented quickly and easily—not a cumbersome textbook that they will never open.  

We make it easy for them to handle daily operations while concentrating on growing the practice and its profitability. With training in communication, personal development, and HR systems, your managers will make your office self run and remove the daily stresses that most owners feel every day. 

An investment in this course in an investment in your team and your practice. Whether your manager is a seasoned veteran or new to the industry, after these two days of training and education, they will be among the most knowledgeable and advanced managers in the country. The number one thing managers say after taking this course? “I wish I knew this information when I started in dentistry.”

“The challenges dentists and their practices face are best understood by those still practicing.”

Often, management courses leave you with a list of ideas but little that can be readily implemented. This is largely because the solutions being taught don’t apply to the day-to-day challenges we face. Watch the video to find out why Dentalforce courses are different. 

What you’ll get

• Work directly with the best office managers in the country.
• Q&A with managers who are in an office every day and can offer relatable insights.
• Simplified metrics—how to use metrics to manage a practice.
• What KPI’s to monitor and how each pertains to the functions of a dental office.
• Office team management and duties.
• Minimized checklists and simplified systems.
• Patient flow—full scripts to make systems easy to execute and manage.
• Operations manual with how-to guide for managing a practice
• HR training and systems. Including hiring and firing.
• Duties an office manager needs to perform every day, week, month, and quarter.
• Where should employee recruitment efforts be concentrated.
• Simple bonus structure that the team understands and is motivated by.
• How can the office manager predictably manage certification tracking, CE requirements, and other licensure requirements across the entire team
• An entire detailed staff compensation system to promote skill gains and performance

• Comprehensive plan to grow the practice and not fall prey to limitations of office size/number of chairs
• How to evaluate when outsourcing would be a benefit to the practice
• The most effective phone scripts to increase new patient conversion rates
• Phone scripts to virtually eliminate cancelation and rescheduling.
• Simple payment options a practice should offer to increase case acceptance
• The best treatment presentation workshop to increase treatment acceptance
• Customized discount plans that can help patient conversions.
• Training on leading a cohesive team and establish a pathway for growth
• Training on cold reading a patient to increase treatment acceptance
• The best dental marketers here to help devise a marketing plan that has virtually no cost to the practice.
• Extensive training on customer service and how to get the team to buy into it
• How to get every patient to say yes to treatment.
• How to phase your treatment to increase case acceptance and production.
• Easy and effective systems to deal with insurance and make billing more predictable,
• Current benchmarks for the office to strive to and how to get you there.

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