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This 2-day course is offered 6 times/year
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De novo or acquisition. Everything you need to know.

For those doctors that are on the fence about buying a practice or doing a startup. This course details the pros and cons of buying a practice vs.starting from the ground up. 

We go deep into a startup practice, including how much to spend and how to set it up, location selection, business development, construction, and marketing. 

For those leaning towards buying an existing practice, we go into extensive detail regarding practice evaluation, legal structures, and transition requirements.  

We’ll also discuss how to bring down the cost of remodeling your acquisition, how to build out your office with very little investment and steps to build your office slowly as income stream starts coming in.  

Whether you’re going startup or acquisition, this is a must-attend course for those entering into dental ownership. This course will help you avoid the many pitfalls that could cost you thousands upon thousands of wasted dollars.

“The challenges dentists and their practices face are best understood by those still practicing.”

Often, management courses leave you with a list of ideas but little that can be readily implemented. This is largely because the solutions being taught don’t apply to the day-to-day challenges we face. Watch the video to find out why Dentalforce courses are different. 

What you’ll get

• Location, location, location. How to find the best location no matter your area.
• The key things you must look for when searching for a location.
• How to interpret a lease and what to avoid when signing.
• How to get the highest tenant improvement allowance when signing a lease.
• Access to an attorney to answer your questions about a lease.
• How to find an architect, builder.
• Simple designs that look expensive but cost much lower than the national averages.
• Access to architects who can provide you with sample office construction.
• Office design to enhance patient flow and increase treatment acceptance.
• How to design each room in the office to make it more efficient with less square footage.
• How to design sterilization and lab areas.
• Find the lowest cost on equipment.
• List of everything you will need to build a startup office including equipment, supplies, instruments, IT, software, and furniture needed for a startup practice.

• Complete elevations of all cabinetry in a dental practice.
• Extensive samples of floor plans designed with patient flow efficiency.
• List of must-have amenities for the practice.
• Pitfalls and missteps to avoid in a startup practice.
• How to redesign an existing office with less money.
• How to redesign an existing office to enhance patient flow and treatment acceptance.
• Legal contracts and must have provision for dental acquisition.
• Pitfalls to avoid when making an acquisition.
• How to transition an office.
• Onboarding of an existing team and how to train them.
• HR protocol and systems.
• How to read financials to determine what the office is worth.
• Evaluation of a startup practice.
• An extensive how-to manual and office handbook that you can use in your practice from day one.

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