Dentists & Executives: $2995 
Staff, Managers & Return Attendees: $1495


Held at our San Diego or San Ramon Headquarters
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This 2-day course is offered 6 times/year
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For Single Practice, Group Practice or DSO's

This two-day seminar is the #1 dental business seminar, with attendees from all over the world. It has gained a reputation as a highly-acclaimed, must-attend seminar for all dentists and the only one to deliver guaranteed results. At this seminar, you will learn how to simplify your practice management. You will also learn the easiest way to create a happy and motivated team. This seminar was designed for entrepreneurial dentists and specialists alike. Attendees include single practice and group practice owners.

Learn proven business systems and automation strategies that will enable you to unlock increased revenue and a significant increase in new patients. Not only have Dentalforce seminar attendees gone on to build the most successful practices in their communities, the average attendee sees profit increases of 100% or more. This course delivers proven methods to get your practice smoothly, at maximum efficiency, and virtually eliminate the challenges that most practices face every day. 

With our simplified systems, we are able to condense thousands of pages of practice management into the most comprehensive practice management manual on the market. Drawing from our team’s extensive experience working with hundreds of dentists around the world, we have isolated the most effective and efficient core systems and processes that work in virtually every practice. We have broken it down to a step by step process that you can bring back to your office tomorrow.  

“The challenges dentists and their practices face are best understood by those still practicing.”

Often, management courses leave you with a list of ideas but little that can be readily implemented. This is largely because the solutions being taught don’t apply to the day-to-day challenges we face. Watch the video to find out why Dentalforce courses are different. 

What you’ll get

• The most complete and simplified practice management manual in the industry
• Work with the best instructors, coaches, and marketers in the dental industry.
• State of your Practice — a breakdown of profit and loss statements, analysis of each expense category with specific target benchmarks to maximize your practice profitability.
• Metrics that Matter — How to interpret practice performance by analysis of the key numbers.
• Simplified systems that can be implemented immediately
• The specific tracking and checklists used to close up the cracks in dental practices
• The most simplified auditing protocol to ensure all your systems are in place and consistently working as expected.
• Simplified checklists that your team will enjoy doing.
• The exact bonus system to use to ensure your practice is profitable while keeping each individual team member accountable. Even better, it works on a long-term basis without any decrease in effectiveness over time.
• Phone scripts and training to increase new patients conversions.
• Outbound phone scripts that consistently fill your hygiene schedule and specific training on how to use appointment boundaries to increase your appointment confirmation rate.
• The most comprehensive insurance verification form and training on how to get accurate breakdowns.

• How to handle unpaid and denied claims. How to resubmit and get them paid immediately.
• Accounts receivable training — How to track your patient balances and get them paid.
• Our proprietary scripted Patient Flow system that ensures the ideal patient experience.
• Scripts that invariably increase patient referrals and case acceptance.
• How to diagnose and phase treatment in a way to increase case acceptance and production.
• How to get the doctor and hygienist to work together to eliminate stress and to increase case acceptance
• How to completely eliminate the time-stresses between the dentists and hygiene departments
• How to dramatically increase the day's production by forecasting and same-day treatment.
• How to optimize the schedule and where to put production patients
• How to communicate and verbiage to refer to specialists.
• How to motivate your hygienist to produce.
• Hygienist compensation and bonus packages.
• The best way to market your practice from one of the best dental marketers in the industry.

Weekend Itinerary

2 Day Seminar Reception (Location TBA)

Day 1 - 9:00AM - 5:00PM Course Education (Lunch Provided)

Day 1 - 6:00PM Dinner (Location TBA)

Day 2 - 9:00AM - 5:00PM Continued Course Education (Lunch Provided)

Hotel Information

Accommodations are available at a discounted rate. Room code will be emailed to all registrants.

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