Dentists & Executives: $2995 
Staff, Managers & Return Attendees: $1495


Held at our San Diego or San Ramon Headquarters
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This 2-day course is offered 6 times/year
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The most valuable training of your dental career

In this two day seminar, we train doctors on how to immediately increase their production in the office. They will receive essential training in clinical skills and time management. We work with them to build systems custom to your office complete with training manuals and scripts.  

This course included extensive training in diagnosis and treatment planning as well as our foolproof methods of getting 100% case acceptance. There is no other course like this in dentistry. Using the techniques taught in this course, any doctor can dramatically increase their production within a matter of a few weeks. Whether you are a new graduate or a 40-year seasoned veteran, this course will prove to be the most important training you have ever undertake. 

“The challenges dentists and their practices face are best understood by those still practicing.”

Often, management courses leave you with a list of ideas but little that can be readily implemented. This is largely because the solutions being taught don’t apply to the day-to-day challenges we face. Watch the video to find out why Dentalforce courses are different. 

What you’ll get

• Patient flow worksheets

• Contracts and compensations
• Communications training and skills
• Foolproof scripts that ensure treatment acceptance
• Treatment sequencing to enhance treatment acceptance
• Ten rules of influence to get patients to say “Yes.”
• ABC’s in closing treatment
• Handoffs and when to do them
• Doctor scorecard to grade their performance
• Diagnosis and treatment planning worksheets

• Step-by-step manual of how a patient interacts with a doctor from when they enter and exit
• Dialog with hygienist to ensure treatment acceptance
• Rules of attraction — enhance patient experience
• Clinical equilibration
• Clinical training of procedures
• Secrets to increasing speed and accuracy of treatment
• Diagnosis and presentation training — time and verbiage
• Hundreds of clinical photos and example cases to go over
• New graduate secrets to get them producing 10x faster than the average new dentist
• How to integrate specialty and training on referring

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

This is your chance to learn proven business systems and automation strategies that will enable you to unlock increased revenue and a significant increase in new patients. Space is limited, so save the date and reserve your spot now before it's too late!

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